We are very proud to have the opportunity to show you some photos of our brand new hospital.


Our reception is designed to help us interact with you and your pet

Consultation Room

Our Consultation Rooms are designed to help you and your pet feel at home

Comfort Room

This is a special Room that's a bit more cosy than your average consultation room


These are our in-house blood and urine analysis machines.

They allow us to run an array of blood and urine tests quickly without having to send them to an external laboratory


Our Microscope is set up with a camera to allow us to take pictures of what we see down the lens

Cat Ward

We provide a seperate ward just for cats in hospital so that they are away from the hustle and bustle and can relax more easily

Dog Ward

With big runs as well as small beds, our dog ward caters for any size canine companion

Isolation Ward

Our special isolation ward is specifically for sick pets who may be contagious. There is a even a back entrance to avoid contact with other animals


We can perform heart and abdominal ultrasound to assist in diagnostics for a wide range of illnesses


Our digital full body X-ray machine produces highly detailed digital images


We stock most of the medications you will need for your pet

Surgery Theatre

We can perform many different surgeries right here in our very own theatre

Dental Procedure

A "simple dental" uses more pieces of equipment and machines then any other surgery!

Anaesthetic Monitor

This is our main aneasthetic monitoring machine, it helps guide us in maintaining a safe anaesthetic for your pet

Dental Procedure

Dr Karan taking dental X-rays on a patient during thei dental procedure

This gives us invaluable information on the health of their teeth below the gum line

Dental X-ray image

This is a dental X-ray of a dogs teeth

Here we can see not only the tooths surface but also its internal structures as well as the tooth root sitting in the bone of the jaw


These are beds strategically placed in the middle of the treatment room with easy viewing at all times for patients recovering from anaesthetic.

Recovery is one of the most dangerous times in an anaesthetic and close monitoring is vital